Ron McKinnon
Ron McKinnon
Member of Parliament for Coquitlam—Port Coquitlam
Budget 2021 –Analysis by Ron McKinnon, MP- What is in Budget 2021 for the Opioid Crisis?
May 6, 2021

What is in Budget 2021 for the Opioid Crisis?

Addressing the Opioid Crisis and Problematic Substance Abuse

Since the pandemic began, Canada has been facing a worsening opioid epidemic that has devastated lives and communities across Canada, especially in Ontario and Western Canada, with severe impacts in British Columbia and Alberta. The COVID-19 pandemic has compounded the ongoing opioid overdose crisis in Canada.

Expanding Access to Drug Treatment Courts

The pandemic has worsened the crisis of problematic substance use in Canada. The government takes a public-health-centred approach to addiction. With Bill C-22, the government has proposed legislative amendments that require police and prosecutors to consider alternatives, such as diversion to addiction treatment programs, instead of laying charges or prosecuting people for simple drug possession. Drug treatment courts can break the cycle of drug addiction and criminal behaviour by helping non-violent offenders get the treatment they need. Since 2015, the federal government has provided over $25 million to support 13 drug treatment courts, which treat an average of 200 clients per day. To make our communities safer and help families struggling with addiction:

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