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Ron McKinnon
Member of Parliament for Coquitlam—Port Coquitlam
Budget 2021 –Analysis by Ron McKinnon, MP What is in Budget 2021 for Mental Health?
May 5, 2021

What is in Budget 2021 for Mental Health?

Expanding Access to Supports for Students and Borrowers with Disabilities

Students with disabilities face some of the highest costs and most significant barriers to long-term success. Every year, the Canada Student Loans Program supports over 75,000 students and borrowers with permanent disabilities through enhanced grants and repayment assistance. But these supports are not available to students whose disabilities are not lifelong.

Supporting Accessible Child Care Spaces

For families that have children with disabilities, it is often challenging to find affordable and accessible child care spaces that meet their needs.

A New Disability Benefit

Since 2015, the government has taken steps towards building an inclusive and resilient economy that supports people with disabilities. In addition to enacting ground-breaking legislation to create a barrier-free Canada, the government has also taken concrete steps to help people with disabilities receive enhanced programming and access to benefits, savings plans, and education funding.

Improving Access to the Disability Tax Credit

In 2017, the Government of Canada reinstated the Canada Revenue Agency’s Disability Advisory Committee to ensure tax measures for persons with disabilities are administered in a fair, transparent, and accessible way. Since the release of the committee’s first annual report in 2019, the government has introduced many significant changes, including improvements to its communications and outreach activities for the Disability Tax Credit and changes to Registered Disability Savings Plans to protect beneficiaries better. As the government considers new recommendations from the committee, released in a second report on April 9, 2021, the government is proposing to take further steps to act on the committee’s guidance by improving the eligibility criteria for mental functions and life-sustaining therapy. To help more families and people living with disabilities access the Disability Tax Credit and other related support measures like the Registered Disability Savings Plan and the Child Disability Benefit:

Making Our Communities and Workplaces More Accessible

Every day, hundreds of thousands of Canadians with disabilities face accessibility challenges. Organizations want to become more accessible, but costs can be prohibitive, especially for smaller organizations. The Enabling Accessibility Fund provides funding for renovation, construction, and retrofit projects—from building ramps to support for the hearing impaired to automatic door openers—that make communities and workplaces more accessible for persons with disabilities. To reduce barriers to employment, activities, and programs for persons with disabilities:

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